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AKAR is an Indonesia-based Agri-tech startup that aims to create a sustainable food future by integrating agriculture and IoT technologies. We are on a quest to eventually improve the farm-to-table food value chain so that everyone may consistently access fresh, high-quality foods. Our technique provides a more sustainable, stable, and safe agricultural method with high yield.

We develop farms as products and offer farming as a service. All of the farm's components are standardized and modular. A specialized operating system allows for comprehensive environmental management, and farms may be administered from anywhere. Our comprehensive solution ensures a consistent, high-quality product every time. We envision a world in which everyone, regardless of location, has access to all crops, including those grown on Mars.

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AKAR Farm is committed to helping our partners with the best products and superior service.

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Welcome to AKAR Farm!

A - Advanced: AKAR represents advanced and innovative technologies in indoor farming systems.

K - Knowledge: Emphasizes the in-depth knowledge and expertise possessed by the AKAR team in the field of modern agriculture and hydroponic techniques.

A - Agriculture: Demonstrates the company's main focus on the agricultural sector, especially efficient and sustainable indoor farming.

R - Research: Underlining AKAR's commitment to conducting deep research and high quality development therefore improving indoor farming overall supply chain and outputs.

Founder AKAR Farm

Muhammad Farras



To be at the forefront of agriculture through innovation and technology for the advancement of urban farming.


Providing smart farming unit facilities as a solution to conventional agriculture.

Reaching all layers of society with modern farming alternatives that make life easier for many people.

Creating a modern agricultural ecosystem by collaborating with millennial farmers without sidelining local farmers through collaborative programs for the advancement of Indonesia.

Playing a role in environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprints, minimizing waste, and supporting eco-friendly farming.

Creating sustainable innovations that can be utilized not only on Earth but also on other planets.


Land, Water, and Energy Saved


Sensors to monitor AKAR Unit


GMO and pesticides used


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Our Team

Experienced Team Members


Oscar Adam Darmawan, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Noberta Yusmintia, S.T, M.B.A.

Muhammad Farras,B.Sc., B.Eng

Chief Executive Officer

Dermawan Adjie, S.E.

Chief Marketing Officer

Hutomo Danu Saputro, B.CS.,CFP.

Chief Operating Officer

Ardath Kristi, M. Tech

Chief Product and Research Officer

Donny Wangke, S.MI

Chief of Staff

Ikhsan, S.Ak

VP Sales

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Our Team

Our Products

fullstack leafy

100 Potential greens to be grown

85% Land, Water, and Energy Saved

NO GMO & pesticides used

1,5m Space Needed

IOT to 9 monitors AKAR Units

fullstack fruit

15 Potential greens to be grown

85% Land, Water, and Energy Saved

NO GMO & pesticides used

9m Space Needed

IOT to 9 monitors AKAR Units

AKAR Nutrition (AB MIX)

Contains complete macro and micronutrients

Can be used for all types of leafy vegetables

Only 400ppm (more economical than those on the market)

Uses distilled water as a solvent to achieve the correct concentration

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